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My Story

From illnesses to completely cured




My love for Holistic Health and Natural Medicine began after I gave birth to my second son James. I experienced severe postpartum depression, very low energy, and many other issues with my body. I had Heartburn, eczema for as long as I could remember and developed IBS due to a very high sugar and refined foods diet. Things really started to get worse with my eczema, and IBS due to a higher amount of stress, loads of antibiotics for my eczema the doctor prescribed. I worked graveyard full-time student filling a boy body with high caffeine consumption to stay awake. I relieve my body got worse. The only thing I was doing right was exercising which is my passion.  
I have 3 children. I had my first 2 children young starting at the age of 19. It was after the birth of my third child I suddenly realized I have to take my health seriously. He was diagnosed with Autism. This made my life crazy. I start being stressed and overwhelmed with information and I just totally let myself go. I went from a fitness lady almost had my life together to totally letting go of me. I developed candida on top of everything. I didn't know that's what it was at the time and continued to destroy my body and health with bad foods(sugar and bad carbs), stress, toxic cleaning, and makeup products, and absolutely no pure vitamins or minerals. My depression got worse, my energy levels dropped so low that I would have faint spells often and get dizzy spells all the same time. I couldn't sleep I tossed and turn and maybe I had 4 to 5 hours sleep a night.
I went to doctors for years for my heartburn(GERD), eczema, IBS, and then insomnia, but they were no help. They gave me creams, drugs, or painkillers and sent me on my way, never testing for thyroid dysfunction, allergies, or anything else that may have helped me... and worst of all... they NEVER mentioned diet changes, especially as my sleep continued to get worse. At this point, my body was so deficient in nutrients that caused many ailments and I got severe depression. Finally, I came to my senses and said I have to find a way to keep strong for my family for me and my health. I must dig deeper and start taking my health into my own hands period. I love fitness this was not a problem for me to dive in. So I got my Associate Degree in Advance personal training and exercise science. This degree gave me a whole look of what I was doing wrong in fitness. Also how to help others in fitness with chronic illnesses.  
I got a surge of energy and my depression started to wind down. I felt empowered. I thought I had my diet right, and I noticed I was doing everything right and my body was still acting weird. I said to myself "there must be another way!", and that is when I went to researching natural ways to heal, IBS, Stress, Depression and Eczema, and Candida overgrowth.
I first came across DR.SEBI, Eric Berg, and Dr. Axe and that is when my life changed. This natural path doctors opened me up to a world that I never knew existed, in terms of health and wellness. I learned that food is medicine and that all disease begins in the gut. I learned that after taking 8 rounds of antibiotics in 3 short years (during my pregnancies and labor) that I had no beneficial microflora left. I learned that my depression was triggered by nutrient deficiencies and that my yeast overgrowth was caused by leaky gut and food sensitivities along with an overburdened liver, kidneys, pancreas, lymphatic system, etc. I learned that my eczema was caused by candida overgrowth. I dove headfirst into holistic health and started eating up every article I could get my hands on about autoimmune conditions. My background in Science (Biology and Chemistry) gave me an extra edge in being able to understand the statistic behind all the articles I was reading. After a while of trying different supplements, diets, cleanses, therapies, etc., I found true healing.
I live a gluten-free, ORGANIC, whole foods lifestyle (I do enjoy a meal out here and there) with minimal toxins and natural supplements to support my body and I can happily say I am living my best and happiest life! I no longer have IBS, no more eczema no more depression or illnesses or candida! I realized the power of food, can either harm you or nourish you. It was at this exact moment when I decided to become a Holistic Nutritionist and a Herbalist help people find their own unique health and wellness naturally, especially in a world that is so full of toxins, fake food, and synthetic chemicals.
I have devoted so much time and effort to learning about the body and Natural medicine and the importance of good nutrition, and I would be HONOURED if you would give me the chance to help you achieve your optimal health and live your best life! After all, if one does not have good health, he is poor. I have been where you are and I am here to support you on this exciting journey. I can provide you with the knowledge and resources I've accumulated over the years and save you years of research, trial and error, and loads of money on the wrong supplements. You CAN and WILL get better, especially with my help, support, and knowledge!
Wishing you true health, happiness, and love,
Honey Fowler  
Fitness Trainer plus Holistic Nutritionist 
“The Doctor of the Future will give 


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