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This Herbal Blend is used as a sexual enhancement for men and women.  


Yohimbe bark has been used for centuries as an aphrodisiac for men and has similar effects on women.  Yohimbe's energizing effects stem from its ability to increase blood flow to the genitals, both male and female. In addition, it stimulates the pelvic nerve ganglia, which is helpful for men with erection problems.   


Maca Root has been known to increase libido reducing erectile dysfunction. Also, Boost energy and endurance, increase fertility, improve mood, and lowers blood pressure.  


Horney Goat Weed has been used for erectile dysfunction and fatigue. In addition, Horney Goat Weed increases libido and is a testosterone booster and memory-booster.    


Ginkgo Biloba increases oxygen and blood flow to the brain and limbs. Therefore, it always aids in stressful situations. Ginkgo is also used for Alzheimer’s, attention span, dizziness, stroke, circulation, memory, and stress.   

Damiana is to restore sexual functions. It is known as an aphrodisiac. Increasing libido also increases the sexual appetite. In addition, it stimulates the nervous system. This herb is used for nervous dyspepsia (indigestion), Hormone balance, Hot flashes, menopause, energy, female problems, and prostate problems.


SKU: 0007
  • This product is 100% authentic and handmade with the highest quality of Organic Herbs using vegan capsules. 

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