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Ashwagandha is an essential herb in our ayurvedic medicine held in high esteem as ginseng is in Chinese medicine, but it is much less costly. It is a famous rejuvenating herb, helpful in all weakness and tissue debility conditions. It is recommended for deficiency, children, and the elderly, those rundown by chronic illness, and those suffering from stress, overworked, nervous exhaustion, and insomnia. When taken as a milk decoction is sweet with honey, it is said to inhibit aging and build up strength by catalyzing the end of the anabolic process in the body. It is calming and used to clear the mind and has been prescribed for general weakness, recuperation, loss of memory, nervous problems such as multiple sclerosis, rheumatism, skin pit problems, acne, and loss of muscular energy. Ashwagandha has a particular affinity for the reproductive system in both men and women. It is suitable for weak pregnant women, and it is said to be used to stabilize the embryo. It acts as a tonic to the hormonal system and is recommended for sexual debility.


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  • 60 capsules This product is 100% authentic and handmade with the highest quality of Organic Herbs using vegan capsules.

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